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Design sprints

A design sprint is an approach to the rapid development and iteration of outputs that tackle a shared design challenge. Our version, which has been customised for gathering in digital-only environments due to covid-19 limitations, is inspired by the work of open source community projects like Mozilla.

Part 1: Introduction & challenge framing

Who are we? What is our design challenge? How will we tackle it together?
Session participants, a diverse group of cultural producers and community organisers from across the UK, are introduced to the design sprint model, and meet each other for the first time.

Part 2: Reframing the challenge, finding existing solutions

Participants discuss and critique the design challenge, and engage in SWOT-style analysis of existing solutions in cultural settings – virtual tours, AR experiences, etc. Guest speakers: Ellen Adams, MANSIL; Rebecca Sinker, Senior Research Curator, Tate Digital Learning

Part 3: Understanding users & experiences of isolation

Groups develop user personas who represent their publics, participants & collaborators. Guest speakers: Rob Morgan, Playlines @ NGX; Dr Emilie Giles re: e-textiles & touch interactions for accessibility.

Part 4: Ideation & discussing solutions

Groups brainstorm possible prototype ideas, and start to cluster them into solutions that might work for their final user personas. Guest speakers: Myra Appannah & Simon Wilkinson – BRiGHTBLACK.

Part 5: Prototyping & brainstorming

Groups divide themselves by prototype, and start to storyboard how their ideas might work. Guest speakers: Charlotte Lin – Spiral Arts Centre; Yoshie Kris – Slow Label.

Part 6: Final presentations

Each group presents their prototype concept to a group of panelists. Panelists: David McDonagh – Flourishing Lives; Lorraine Swift – AGE UK; Luka Kille-Specter – Royal College of Art; Stephen Bush – Community Arts Events Organiser/Tate Soapbox member; Ruth Garde – Science Gallery. Guest speakers: Neil Jakeman, KDL – Migration Museum Project; Elliot Hall, KDL – Ghost Hunt Project.